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Wednesday, June 15

Ho Tzu Nyen on How and Why He Appropriated Tony Leung Films for "The Nameless"

Very little is known about Lai Teck, the Secretary General of the Malayan Communist Party between 1939 and 1947; even his real name is a matter for debate as he had 50 other alias. Yet he played a key role in post-war Malaya as a triple agent, working first for the French and British secret forces, and then with the Japanese Kempeitai during the years of the Malayan Occupation.

Tuesday, May 24

Interview: Decoding Heri Dono’s Craziness at STPI

One of Indonesia’s foremost contemporary artists, Heri Dono is known for his highly recognizable iconography inspired by Javanese folk theater, such as wayang kulit (shadow puppetry), and comic books. While often darkly humorous, his performative works have a strong socio-political subtext, commenting on human behavior and contemporary issues like political corruption or damaging environmental policies.

The 56-year-old artist’s latest exhibition, “Zaman Edan” (The Age of Craziness) at the STPI in Singapore, features 40 works created during a residency at the print institute, and while his usual iconography of fantastical hybrid creatures and pop culture motifs is omnipresent, there are also plenty of subtle new developments in the work — from the use of bright color to the creation of screen prints on canvas against photographs — to surprise visitors.

Monday, April 11

Art Wuzhen: Florentijn Hofman on his Floating Fish

Best known for his oversized Rubber Duck which has been popping up around the world since 2007, Florentijn Hofman has created a colorful site-specific installation for Art Wuzhen that continues his practice, placing another massive animal sculpture in a public space.

Sunday, January 31

Ai Weiwei Takes Over Le Bon Marché

Chinese dissident artist Ai Weiwei is taking over Le Bon Marché, an upscale department store in Paris, with a giant installation titled “Er Xi, Air de Jeux” (or Child's Play).

Friday, May 1

In the STPI Studio with Jane Lee: Growing a Paper Forest

Jane Lee is having a lot of fun. The sought-after painter, better known for her experimental work with paint as a material, is now playing with paper and discovering the printing techniques available to artists during their residency the STPI’s printmaking atelier.

Tuesday, January 13

15 Questions for Fernando Botero

Fernando Botero has often referred to his rotund figures as an “exaltation of volume and sensuality.” Several of the Columbian master’s large sculptures can already be seen in Singapore: his 1990 giant Bird sits on the riverbank near Raffles Place, while Resorts World Sentosa has one of his gigantic "Adam & Eve" sculptures in the lobby of the Hotel Michael, and the St Regis has a small Dancing Nude Couple, circa 2005, outside its ballroom and a giant reclining nude greeting guests outside the hotel.

More of Botero’s works will be seen here soon as International Art is dedicating its booth at Art Stage Singapore 2015 to the artist’s works offering a mix of bronze sculptures, marble sculptures, and paintings, including a 2013 marble of Woman on a Horse, and a 2012 oil on canvas titled Two Musicians.

Ahead of the art fair, I talked to the artist:

Tuesday, December 30

Interview with Entang Wiharso on his STPI Residency

For Entang Wiharso, one of Indonesia’s premier contemporary artists, art has always been an opportunity for reflection on his personal experiences and his practice has long explored universal issues of social connections with visuals of human figures, often portrayed with long tongues, interconnected to one another by intestines or connected to machines through hoses. His work is instantly recognizable.
While he is perhaps better known for metal reliefs that combine influences of temple relief and traditional wayang puppetry, he has also used canvas and to a lesser extent paper. With his current residency at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute, the 47-year old artist explores that latter medium in more depth, working on about 40-50 pieces using paper cast together with photography, and print as well as alternative materials like mirrors, wool, wires, nails, and aluminum, often incorporated in the print and papermaking processes. 

Thursday, December 25

Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey on his “Messengers” at Opera Gallery

French painter Jean-Pierre Roc-Roussey has just opened an exhibition of new works at Opera Gallery in Singapore around the theme of “The Messengers.”

Tuesday, December 16

An interview with Jacques Villeglé on his Ripped Posters

Back in 1949, in Paris, Jacques Mahé de la Villeglé and his friend, Raymond Hains, started to take ripped advertising posters they saw in the streets, removing them from the billboard supports whole and gluing them back on canvas. This ‘décollage’ made the works a witness of time passing by, offering fragmented insights to society’s earlier concerns and tastes.
While Villeglé’s early works eschewed imagery to focus on typography, he started to focus more on colors and shapes in the 1960s, at a time when he launched, with Hains and Yves Klein, the New Realist movement that appropriated consumerism products very much like the Pop Art movement in the United States.
A keen observer of urban art and society, Villeglé never wavered from his appropriation technique and each of his works bears the name of the street where the poster was collected. For Villeglé the posters are as much witnesses as they are actors in their environment, and while he makes the choice of the framing of the final image or memory, he is completely absent from the actual execution of the works, which have been created by an anonymous collective, which is why he describes his ripped posters as “lacères anonymes.”
Like an urban archaeologist, Villeglé categorizes his works under various themes like painting, politics, events, transparency (posters lacerated by the rain), etc.
The 88-year-old artist, who enjoyed a major retrospective at the Centre Pompidou in Paris in 2008, is now having a mini-retrospective at Partners & Mucciaccia in Singapore, running until February 8. The exhibition includes about 50 works spanning his career from the 1960s to his latest alphabet works that use socio-politics signs to create a new language. While recently in town, he talked me for an Blouin Artinfo story:

Tuesday, December 2

The Sci-fi World of Pierre Matter - Interview

Half human, half machine, the hybrid bronze sculptures of Pierre Matter offer a powerful and intriguing visual with the French sculptor using scrap metal and old engine parts to create characters that would fit in a dark sci-fi world.
A current exhibition at Opera Gallery Singapore is a good opportunity to discover the evolution of the artist’s style over the last 10 years, with the more recent inclusion of a pink baby inhabiting Matter’s hybrid world.

Wednesday, November 19

17 Questions for Filipino Artist José Santos III

Phlilipino artist José Santos III started his artistic career as a figurative painter commenting on social and political issues often using an allegorical style, but in recent years, his practice has turned to using everyday objects as abstract subject matter. His upcoming solo exhibition at Pearl Lam in Singapore, opening on November 22, will be his first major solo show in years, and he will present eight oil on canvas works and five installations. I talked to the artist for BLOUIN ARTINO:

Sunday, November 9

Q&A with American Sculptor Jedd Novatt

American artist Jedd Novatt, whose works stand proudly next to the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao and in the sculpture garden of the Pérez Art Museum in Miami (amongst other places), has just opened a solo exhibition at Art Plural Gallery in Singapore that features two large-scale sculptures as well as smaller works and seven very recent mono-prints. I talked to the sculptor when he was in town to discuss his work and practice:

Monday, November 3

12 Questions for Indonesian Artist Yunizar

Indonesian artist Yunizar, a leader member of the prominent art collective Jendela, has just opened a solo exhibition at Gajah Gallery, running until November 11. As well as presenting several paintings the new show also includes a series of bronze sculptures, a relatively new medium for the artist who has been experimenting with the patina process to perfect his color vision. Blouin Artinfo spoke to the artist about the show, his 2015 plans and his bird breeding hobby.

Monday, October 27

20 Questions for Isaac Julien

“Playtime,” Isaac Julien’s 2014 film installation on the consequences of the 2008 financial crisis, is showing this week at the Museum of Contemporary Art and Design (MCAD) in Manila, while “Vagabondia,” the film, for which he was nominated for the prestigious Turner Prize in 2001, is currently playing as part of the Center for Contemporary Art Singapore’s exhibition “Theatrical Fields,” running through November 2. I caught up with the British artist and filmmaker while he was in Singapore and discussed his upcoming projects, his creative processes, and more:

Monday, August 11

20 Questions for Jason Lim

Jason Lim graduated from London’s Central Saint Martins College of Arts and Design in 1992 before returning that year to his native Singapore where he has practiced ever since developing a dual career as a performance artist and a ceramist. In 2007, he won the Juror’s Price at the 4thWorld Ceramics Biennale in Korea and that same year presented “Just Dharma” and “Light Weight” at the Singapore Pavilion of the 50th Venice Biennale. In August, Lim will open “Tempus Fugit (Time Flies)” at Gajah Gallery, a review of his 20-year performing art practice, complete with text, documentation (photo and video), and ephemera (relics, catalogues, invites) and an in-depth presentation of selected performances that form three series: Duet with light, Duet with thread, and Last Drop. I talked to the artist:

Friday, March 7

13 Questions with Gao Weigang

A golden staircase leading nowhere, shattered fragments of mirror embedded on canvas, these and other works in an exhibition by Chinese artist Gao Weigang will invite visitors to examine their material desires at Espace Louis Vuitton. I talked to the artist ahead of the opening March 12.

Monday, February 24

Heman Chong on Linking Painting and Literature

Heman Chong has been working on Cover (Versions) since 2009, a series of paintings of imaginary book covers and to date, he has 335 paintings, and is still adding to the series.

Chong will be showcasing 66 of these paintings next month as part of an exhibition, “Of Indeterminate Time Or Occurrence”, at FOST Gallery, running Mar 7 through May 4.

Friday, November 8

Nan Qi Moves from Dots to a 3D vision

Contemporary Chinese ink painter Nan Qi is better known for his dot series of works, each of which has tackled a major issue, in turn focussing on the environment, sexuality, militarism, and consumption. In his latest solo show, now running at Art Plural Gallery until November 23, the artist is moving into a new direction that aims to create 3-D effect artwork using ink as a medium.

Friday, September 20

Artist Richard Texier on Being Inspired by China, Zhao Wou-ki

What started as a chance meeting in Morocco between French artist Richard Texier and Chinese abstract painter Zhao Wou-ki in 1995 developed into a long friendship that then encouraged Texier to venture to China opening new horizons for his practice.