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Thursday, February 23

Aung Kyaw Htet @ ChanHampe Galleries, Singapore

Myanmar's contemporary art scene is pretty slim with only a handful of artists that have managed to attract some international attention. Aung Kyaw Htet, a devout Buddhist who grew up in a small village, is one of them. His upbringing has strongly influenced his art, and granted this may not be the policial commentary some may expect coming out of Myanmar. Yet again, his beautiful paintings of religious life in Myanmar paint a humanity and spirituality which every traveller there can attest is profoundly anchored in society.

Friday, August 5

Min Wae Aung @ ION, Singapore

 A new exhibition reveals a different side to one of Myanmar's better known artists Min Wae Aung.

Tuesday, June 14

U Lun Gywe @ Thavibu Gallery, Bangkok

Eighty year old U Lun Gywe is regarded as Burma's most prominent master painter. A new exhibition at Thavibu Gallery in Bangkok, starting on the 17th, and a limited edition coffee table book celebrate his talent.

Thursday, May 6

Opening - Contemporary Myanmar art @ Osage, Singapore

With the country still largely closed off, it’s hard to get to know much about contemporary Myanmar art. There are a few good artists though they have generally had little exposure outside the country. So it’s commendable that Osage Art Foundation is putting on its first major exhibition of contemporary Myanmar art in Singapore on the theme of “play” as a significant force in the way of life played out on a daily basis in the country. play: Art from Myanmar Today opens on Sunday and includes works by 13 artists, some already pretty well known in Southeast Asia art circles, such as Aung Myint, MMP Yei Myint and Myat Kyawt. Many of the works are installation or performance based, but there are a few more “traditional’ offerings, too – but no pagodas or monks in sight...

Friday, April 23

Opening - Aung Kyaw Htet @ Thavibu in Thailand

Burmese artist Aung Kyaw Htet is opening his new show Shades of Grey at Thavibu Gallery in Bangkok on Sat. The devout Buddhist is famous for his colourful monks and novices painting. His grey paintings with a few touches of colors are more powerful than usual. They seem to explore the slippery social environment of Burma and the role of romanticism under such conditions.