Min Wae Aung @ ION, Singapore

 A new exhibition reveals a different side to one of Myanmar's better known artists Min Wae Aung.

Min Wae Aung is better know for his stylized depictions of Buddhist monks in vivid, burnt-orange robes on striking gold backgrounds. Faces are rarely shown, because Min Wae Aung likes to emphasize the monks' movement, and he has said their anonymity helps convey how they are "leaving humanity behind" and going to "a peaceful place, like Nirvana."

But with this new exhibition, titled FigureScape, there is not a single monk in sight. Instead, the artist focuses on stylized landscapes, often devoid of any human figures.

The works have a strange photo-like quality, yet the colors used are so rich these landscapes of Myanmar appear surreal and completly idealized of a peaceful Myanmar.