Yuz Museum Shanghai to Mount Overpop Exhibition in September

Wu Di, Killer II (detail), 350x500cm, Mirror Panel & Integrated materials, 2016 Courtesy of the Artist. Photo byJin Jun.
The Yuz Museum in Shanghai is mounting an ambitious exhibition that looks at “What’s now and what’s next,” through the eyes of two curators Jeffrey Deitch, who has been advising Budi Tek, the collector behind the Yuz collection, and Karen Smith, a well-known Chinese contemporary art expert.

The exhibition, opening September 4, brings together around 60 works created across different media since 2010 by 20 artists, including Ian Cheng, Samara Golden, Camille Henrot, Anicka Yi, He An, Liu Yefu, Tong Kunniao, and Wu Di.

Deitch selected artworks from artists based in the US and Europe, focusing on those he sees as defining new contemporary aesthetics in response to the accelerated digital world environment, while still incorporating Pop Art traditions to portray an enhanced reality.

Meanwhile Smith selected works from artists based in China, focusing on younger artists who respond to the concept of reality and the intent dynamically, with incisive insight into the “impact of context and display.”
Alex ISRAEL, Lens (Orange), 213×244×36 cm, UV Protective Plastic Lens, 2015 Courtesy of the Artist and AlmineRech Gallery. Photo by ZarkoVijatovic.

 The Yuz Museum was opened in May 2014 in a building designed by Japanese Architect Sou Fujimoto. It presents the collection of Budi Tek, an Indonesian collector known for his penchant for very large-scale art installations.