Take the Art Bus Tour around Singapore. It’s Free!

The Art Galleries Association Singapore (AGAS), which was recently revived having being dormant for years, is organizing next week a bespoke tour of art galleries across Singapore under the banner ART IN MOTION .

The two-day event will run January 18-19 during the busy Singapore Art Week and offers a tour of 13 galleries dotted around the city-state from the dedicated museum district of Bras Basah to the Tanjong Pagar Distripark and Dempsey Road. Benjamin Hampe, treasurer of AGAS and co-owner of Chan Hampe Galleries, said the main objective of the project was to showcase the “best of Singapore’s vibrant art scene.”

“[It’s] not just about bring in buyers, but about getting people interested inlearning more about art,” he explains.

You can select from two dedicated routes with buses promised around every 10 minutes. So, what will you be able to see?

Art Plural Gallery — “Flux,” an exhibition that brings together the best the gallery has been offering from Chun Kwang Young and Ian Davenport, to Li Tianbing, Qiu Jie, Bernar Venet, and Fabienne Verdier.

Art Seasons — Zaw Win Pe’s solo show. The Myanmar artist is known for his color-saturated landscapes.

Art-2 Gallery — “Sleepless in the City,” a solo exhibition by Singapore artist Hong Sek Chern. Here the artist depicts snippets of daily life like a void deck (public space) at an HDB (public housing block) or hawker food centers. They are usually inspired by news articles featuring events from petty crimes, traffic offences, and disputes, thereby alluding to the current sense of restlessness the city-state is facing.

Cape of Good Hope Art Gallery — “Impressionist Contemporary” gathers six leading contemporary Singapore artists including gallery owner Terence Teo. Watch out for Teo’s beautifully expressive colored ink on paper and Tung Yue Nang’s inks of modern day Singapore, where old buildings struggle to maintain a presence against the new.

Chan Hampe Galleries — “Windowshop” by Singaporean artist Dawn Ng is the artist’s captivating take on our fascination with amassing things.

Gajah Gallery — “Abstraction and Refinement: Chinese ink painting,” a showcase of four of China’s avant-garde ink artists: Gu Gan, Qiu Deshu, Wang Tiande, and Wei Ligang.

Galerie Belvedere — “Grand Masters of Art Exhibition” presents works by Southeast Asian old masters like Antonio Blanco, Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng, and Lee Man Fong.

Galerie Steph — Two solo exhibitions with “Currents: Flow, Fall, Calm, Curl by Chung Hong,” who uses charcoal drawings and Chinese ink to create a beguiling interplay on landscapes and ‘Sweet Surrender: Studies in Abstraction,” which presents some recent colorful abstract paintings by Sharmistha Ray.

Ikkan Art Gallery — “Neo Folk 2” is an exhibition that explores the work of Asian artists who have been rediscovering their roots and traditional crafts, remixing and creating images inspired by their heritage in a reaction to bland souvenir art that is widely available at airports and tourist shops. Artists featured include Anjo Bolarda, Rudy Atjeh, Howie Tsui, Jonny Wan, Mojoko and Sheryo.

iPRECIATION — “Recent Paintings by Singapore Artists” includes works by Boo Sze Yang, Lee Wen, Michael Lee, Milenko Prvacki, Tang Da Wu, Tay Bak Chiang, and Tan Ling Nah.

Linda Gallery — “Reflections by Cai Lei” is the Chinese artist’s first solo exhibition in Singapore and showcases his love of nature and his concern for the passing of time and its consequences.

Maya Gallery — “Embryonic” presents the exploratory works of young emerging artists from Asia, including Dey Irfan Adianto, Rick Farid, and Siti Rahmah Salleh.

Singapore Tyler Print Institute — “Moving Forest” is Cultural Medallion recipient Han Sai Por’s exploration of a new medium with 50 new breakthrough works.

With chartered bus services on a loop arranged along two dedicated routes, free of charge, you have no excuse. You can register on the AGAS website or join in on the spot.

To get a sneak peek at what you will see click on the slideshow.

As first published on BlouinArtinfo.com