Magnificent Patek Philippe Clocks Coming Up at Sotheby’s HK

A sale billed as Magnificent Clocks From An Important Private Collection — to be auctioned at Sotheby’s Hong Kong on April 7 — will offer 22 decorative modern clocks all custom-made over the past 30 years by world-renowned watchmakers and jewelers, such as Cartier, Daniel RothGerald GentaAsprey, and Patek Philippe.

The collection is expected to achieve in excess of $4.5 million. Amongst the highlights of the collection are 13 clocks by Patek Philippe, which were especially made for the discreet owner. Finely crafted from precious materials and designed with many auspicious motifs, these flamboyant works of art highlighted the craftsmanship of one of the most revered names in horology.

They include “Pearl From The Golden Oyster Clock,” a spectacular yellow gold clock housed in a precious pearl and set within a large opened oyster shell. The entire curvature of the pearl and the inside of the shell are inlaid with mother-of-pearl, while the shell rests upon cascading waves of white and yellow gold, rock crystal and diamond, adorned by miniature gold seahorses. The clock dial and the seahorses are decorated with small rubies and emeralds. The clock is estimated to fetch $450,000 – $710,000.

Another Patek Philippe highlight is the “Birds Of Paradise Fountain Clock,” which has three birds of paradise with flamboyant plumage of gold, diamonds, rubies, and enamel gathering around a fountain. Water of rock crystal seemingly flows through pools of rose quartz supported by gold branches with green chalcedony leaves to collect in a splendid lapis lazuli bowl completing the tableau. The dial of the clock is entirely paved with diamonds.
“The Hummingbird Cage Clock,” again by Patek Philippe, features an image of a gold hummingbird with feathers of diamonds, sapphires, and mother-of-pearl flying by an open golden cage, while a second bird rests upon the cage that contains a clock with a mother of pearl dial set with ruby numerals and diamond hands. Flowers of blushing rose quartz and lapis lazuli and foliage of green chalcedony complete the setting.

The private collection also includes three mystery clocks by Cartier, so called because their hands appear to be floating over a transparent dial. "The Grand Mogul Pavilion Mystery Clock" includes an elephant of gray agate, ceremoniously draped in gold, rubies, and emeralds, set upon the rose quartz steps that lead to the Grand Mogul Pavilion that houses the bejeweled mystery clock.
Another of the Cartier highlight is the superb “Flamingo and Lotus Automaton Clock.” Synonymous with Cartier, the flamingo, fully set with diamonds, sapphires, rubies, and emeralds, rests gracefully on one leg, flanked by two small lotuses of pink hardstone with nephrite leaves, overlooking a lotus automaton set with diamonds and yellow diamonds. When activated via a lapis lazuli button the lotus blooms to reveal the clock inside.