Rajinder Singh @ Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore

London-based artist Rajinder Singh has been reflecting on his life as a Malaysian living abroad and how his home-country is perceived internationally in his new exhibition, "M.O.L.C."

“I tossed about memories of what Malaysia meant to me, the things I took for granted growing up that in adult years could be interpreted by an outsider as somewhat bizarre and quirky,” he explains.

His penchant for nostalgia is brought to life with the use of textured, weathered surfaces. Up to 20 layers of paint and assorted fragments are piled onto stretched, heat protected, unprimed canvas before the artist breaks the surface open using various techniques including solvents, acid, fire and routers.

From this foundation, Singh builds up the canvas through print and stencil techniques. The final image includes remnants from years of accumulated posters, newspaper clippings, photographs, and other assorted nostalgia from the places he has stayed throughout his life.

With his new works, Singh constructs a 'make believe' world, dreaming of a time when 'Malaya' might have been promoted as a land of living curiosities — foreign, exotic, strange and exciting — a melting pot of rich and bizarre cultures.

"M.O.L.C." runs until 15 November at Chan Hampe Galleries @ Raffles Hotel

As published in ARTINFO.com