ArtScience Museum zooms in on Magnum photographers

The ArtScience Museum is showcasing “Outside In: A Magnum Photos Showcase,” a large collection of 143 photos by three Magnum photographers - Stuart Franklin, Mark Power, and Jacob Aue Sobol.

Best known for his iconic photograph of a student challenging army tanks in Tiananmen Square in 1989, British photographer Stuart Franklin presents here his long-term work “Footprint: Our Landscape in Flux,” which tracks Europe’s altering landscape through the effects of pollution, flooding, and diminishing glaciers. But the series also documents the positive sides of environmental changes that include the presence of sanitary water, regenerating forests in Scotland and Poland, and cleaner cities.

British photographer Mark Powers’ “Sound of Two Songs” is an intimate account of a foreigner’s impression of Poland. Power’s work is known for its large-scale format and conceptual techniques. Initially a Magnum-instigated series, the five-year project saw Power make more than 20 trips back to Poland as he discovered the poetic side of the country’s fascinating transition and state. 

The third featured exhibition is of works by Danish photographer Jacob Aue Sobol, Magnum’s newest member. “I, Tokyo” is a personal pictorial journal that captures Sobol’s experiences living in Tokyo with his Japanese girlfriend. The photographer felt out of place and was affected by the clash of cultures, notably the lack of eye contact, silence amongst big crowds, and the fast pace of life in Japan. He took pictures with a pocket camera that served as an ever-present reminder to Sobol to document his experiences and moods. The snap-shot style gives visitors a sense of unpredictability and playfulness, inviting them into Sobol’s self-discovery in Japan.

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