Dawn Ng @ Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore

This Singaporean artist is better known for a cute giant white bunny Walter acquired by SAM and regularly displayed for the annual children show at 8QSAM, but Dawn Ng's latest exhibition at Chan Hampe Galleries clearly showcases there is nothing childish about her work.

 EVERYTHING YOU EVER WANTED IS RIGHT HERE is a series of handcrafted photographic and typography-based collages, a tongue-in-cheek visual documentaries of present day Singapore.

By slicing huge words through large-scale photographs, these collages present a visual peek-a-boo of country still in-the-making.

Ng has spend the past 10 years living in Singapore, Paris, and New York straddling careers in art and advertising. Her time in advertising is reflected in the pop cultural resonance of her personal work and its attempt to toy with the obvious to tell the truth.

 The exhibition runs until Sep 24.