Chinese female artists @ Pearl Lam Galleries, HK

Pearl Lam Galleries Hong Kong will open ‘Dust from the Heart’ on Sept 12, featuring the personal journeys of five female artists over the last 30 years of dramatic change in China. Opening to the public on Wednesday 12 September the varied narratives of each woman artist are presented through their works ranging from video and installation to photography and painting. The exhibition aims to explore each of their reactions to life in the unique historical, social and cultural context of contemporary art

 Born in 1970,  • Cui Xiuwen's haunting videos and photography (above) analyse the status of women in modern China, cultural and sexual stereotyping.

Cai Jin
Born in 1965, Cai Jin's drawings, paintings and installations revolve around themes of feminine sexuality and fertility – a motif she has used since 1991 is the leaf of a plant called meirenjiao, with meiren meaning beautiful woman – as well as human fragility, death and decay.

Juju Sun
 Born in 1973, Juju Sun’s abstract landscapes are composed of vibrant colours, forms and patterns, in celebration of mother nature, the cycle of life and the seasons, of procreation, beauty and woman as mother and protector.
Suju Sun 

Xiao Lu 

Born in 1962 and one of the early rebels of Chinese art, Xiao Lu shot to fame after she fired a loaded gun at her work Dialogue in China’s first institutional government-sponsored exhibition of experimental art ‘China Avant/Garde’ in Beijing in 1989. Xiao Lu’s works are generally performance-based and a direct response to her life, romances and her emotions.

The last artist to be featured is  Chengyao (born in 1964), a controversial performance artist who finds inspiration  from her perceived place in society and belief that sexual disparity, discrimination in social status and the traditional sexual division of labour are important social issues

The show will run until Oct 12