Must See - Ketna Patel @ Yavuz Fine Art, Singapore

Singaporean artist Ketna Patel will be unveiling a very interesting solo exhibition titled Heterotopia 2012 in September. The mixed-media artist, who has become known for her colourful works, is tackling interesting new narratives about Asian cultural developments framing them within well-known renaissance paintings adaptation. Flattering time and blurring geographical boundaries, she aims to bring to the fore a certain ‘consumption’ of contemporary culture that seems to be at a major penultimate moment before it eats itself into oblivion.

Above: The Last Asian Supper, 2012

The Fall Of Venus, 2012

Patel believes that today, our mobility on the road is made possible by fuel made out of ancient carcasses. China has transformed Communism into something that does not even have a label yet, but Mao’s mausoleum still exists, and his image still revered. The myth has superseded the truth, resulting in a world brimming with ‘truth lies’.  The show will open at Yavuz Fine Art gallery on Sep 8.

The Creation, 2012

The Flood, 2012

Deep Pockets, 2012