Hong Kong to host Asia Contemporary Art Show Oct 4-7

Dot-city lights by Sehan Kim Kim Jae Sun Gallery Room 1412

Building on its already extremely successful art fair in May, Hong Kong will now host what sounds like an exciting fresh fair showcasing young & emerging artists. The Asia Contemporary Art Show will be uniquely dedicated to the under-served market segment of accessible art (competing directly with the Affordable Art fair in Singapore that take place in November).

The new fair will take place 4 to 7 October at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, spreading over 60 guest rooms. Artworks will mostly ranging from HKD30,000 to HKD80,000.  
It has been timed to coincide with two other premier art gatherings, Sotheby’s Fall auctions and the region’s principal antiques event, Fine Arts Asia, in the nearby Convention & Exhibition Centre.

Paradise by Zhang Wenrong A Gallery Room 1425

“We created the Asia Contemporary Art Show with the objective of forming a community of art lovers that are focused on up-and-coming artists introducing new blood and a wide range of works from emerging art markets rather than highlighting the top end of the market,” said Mark Saunderson, Director. “By creating a platform for discussing and acquiring reasonably priced artworks, the Show changes the game, bringing a vibrant selection of exciting new works and artists to Hong Kong whilst also creating a community where first-time buyers, art lovers and collectors can interact with artists and gallery owners in an intimate setting.”
Image 67 by Li Sin Ae Samhyun Gallery Room 1411