Marcel Heijnen @ Gallery Utama, Singapore

Dutch photogapher Marcel Heijnen’s new solo show "Residue 2.0" will open at Gallery Utama on River Valley Road in Singapore May 31. His works look like paintings but are actually photographs – unaltered thanks to a method Heijnen has developed shooting through a clear glass pane. Yes, no reliance on any digital trickely here, the images are neither photoshopped or use a double exposures!
The results are poetic and intriguing, mixing the decay of a weathered wall with the reflection of existing buildings.

Exploring the temporary nature of our everyday surroundings with urban decay as his focal point, Heijnen reveals that nothing lasts forever and it is this realisation that makes life precious and meaningful. 

The works explore the old vs the new, urbanisation vs nature, the geometric vs the organic.

"My art is in an area between photography and painting. The Residue pieces are not as direct as photography, they’re more subjective," Heijnen says. "This is deliberate – I want to move away from photographic realism to leave more room for emotion and interpretation."