More details announced for ART HK 12

Takashi Murakami
There are Little People Inside Me, 2010, Courtesy Gagosian Gallery

Back for its fifth year, ART HK 12 – Hong Kong International Art Fair will take place 17–20 May 2012, with preview on 16 May, at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre (HKCEC). 

This year the big fair will present a mammouth 266 galleries representing 38 countries worldwide and see the return of ART HK PROJECTS, a feature section which debuted at last year's event. This element to the Fair incorporates ten installation works, positioned in 100 metre squared spaces throughout the exhibition halls and provides visitors the opportunity to see works of an institutional scale. For the first time, this year the Fair will also have a dedicated Curator of ART HK PROJECTS, Yuko Hasegawa, Chief Curator of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo. Selected projects include:

-Flower, an installation of Yayoi Kusama's distinctive large scale sculptures presented by Gagosian Gallery, Hong Kong.
-HOTO, 2008, by Tatsuyo Miyajima presented by SCAI THE BATHHOUSE, Tokyo. The installation will be a 6 metre high silver-mirrored tower with 3,287 LED digital counters over its surface.
-Black Hole, 2010, by Chinese artist Yin Xiuzhen. The Pace Gallery from Beijing will present this installation, a used shipping container re-configured as a signature round cut diamond.

ART HK 12 will also see the return of ASIA ONE, a section which was introduced to the Fair in 2011. Dedicated to showcasing the latest developments in Contemporary Art from across Asia, this year the section will show 49 galleries from the region, each exhibiting a solo presentation by an artist of Asian origin.

Navin Rawanchaikul
Courtesy of Yavuz Fine Art

From Singapore, YAVUZ FINE ART will bring to the Fair internationally acclaimed Thai artist Navin Rawanchaikul (who dominated the ArtStage Singapore, Gajah Gallery presents leading Indonesian artist Masriadi, and Valentine Willie Fine Arts will present Chong Siew Ying. Richard Koh Fine Art, Singapore is presenting work by my favorite local collectives:Vertical Submarine

Chong Siew Ying

The Fair will furthermore see the development of ART FUTURES, showcasing works by emerging
artists represented by 35 of the world’s most exciting new galleries. Galleries of up to eight years old
and artists under 35 at the time of application were invited to participate. Highlights of ART
FUTURES at ART 12 include installations by Juree Kim presented by Gallery EM, Seoul, which are
clay houses progressively disintegrating as water is poured over them.