Heman Chong @ Rossi & Rossi, London

Singaporean conceptual artist Heman Chong is having his first solo exhbition in London, with LEM1, which will transform Rossi & Rossi gallery into a functioning second-hand Science-Fiction and Fantasy bookshop. The exhibition will open Feb 23.

Visitors will be able to browse and purchase the books on offer for £1 each, transforming the viewing experience into an exchange of goods and money, with the browser/buyer becoming an integral part of the artwork.

In a space adjacent to the bookshop a series of Chong's paintings will also be shown, each one an imagined graphic image of a cover to a book, including some of the titles on sale in the bookshop. A special artist's book by FatoşÜstek, The Book of Confusion, a playful, philosophical disquisition based around the work of Chong, will be produced to coincide with the show and will be launched at the opening.