Guan Wei @ Chan Hampe Galleries, Singapore

Award-winning Chinese/Australian artist Guan Wei will exhibit his newest series of paintings in a solo show Bird Island at Chan Hampe Galleries in Singapore starting Jly 6.
His work typically involves mixing mythologie and chinese symbols and using black cut out silhouettes to create fables that mixe facts and fiction to talk about contemporary issues.

Since his first visit, as artist-in-residence at the Tasmanian School of Art in 1989, Guan Wei has been fascinated by narratives that connect China and Australia. His works have been inspired by themes of exploration, immigration, secret histories and cross-cultural understanding.
Guan Wei spent 20 years in Australia after the political unrest in China in the late '80s and recently returned to Beijing to set up a studio and reconnect with his homeland's artistic community. He took part in the Shanghai Biennale last year and is currently showing at the OCT Contemporary Art Terminal in Shenzhen.