Opening - Zheng Chongbin @ Ooi Botos, Hong Kong

On May 13, Gallery Ooi Botos will open INKquiry, a show by contemporary ink artist, Zheng Chongbin. Living between Shanghai and San Francisco, the Chinese artist has shown widely at international museums, as well as the Taipei 2010 Contemporary Ink Painting Biennial.

Contemporary ink painting is steadily gaining in importance as greater number of public exhibitions — such as "Fresh Ink" at Boston's Museum of Fine Arts — are dedicated to the reinterpretation of this refined and scholarly medium. Zheng Chongbin, who is classically trained, has sought to break away from tradition by incorporating new materials and techniques into his works. It has been through a process-driven exploration that he discovered the combination of acrylic, ink and wash that has become one of the hallmarks of his oeuvre. Using an interplay of black, white and grey, Zheng creates profound depth in his layered works, which are simple yet powerful abstractions. Shifting away from the softness and luminosity of his past works, his new paintings are marked by an increasing boldness and drama. The show will be in a pop-up gallery space (ArtEast Island, Unit 614, 6/F, Chai Wan Industrial City Phase 1, 60 Wing Tai Road, Chai Wan)