Opening - Zhong Biao's Emergence Without Boundary at Paris Fashion Week

As spring is approaching Paris with budding leaves, the mover-and-shakers of fashion and art circles are gathering in this beautiful city for its March Fashion Week. China, the world's second largest economy, will join this global fashion week with a delegation of fashion designers and contemporary artists to display their latest creations. "China in Paris", an event co-organized by China Garments Association and French Federation of Haute Couture which is listed on the official calendar of Paris Fashion Week, will open with an evening Gala, "An Evening of No Boundary---Presenting China Contemporary Creativity".

As one of the leading contemporary artists from China, Zhong Biao will debut his latest monumental painting measuring 4 meters X 3 meters. The painting, titled "Red", is another important work subsequent to his large painting "To Future" which was exhibited during the Shanghai World Expo in 2010. Last year in late April, Zhong Biao presented his major work "To future---2010 Zhong Biao Art Scene in Shanghai" with a convergence of various media and formats including painting, installation, literature, performance, Video, music and design at Shanghai Contemporary Museum.

The artist, whom I met in Singapore 3 years ago, always exhibits very strong technical skills and often plays contrast between color and black and white sketches, as if the paintings are only half completed. He packs his works with images from pop culture, the media and history.