Auction - J.T. Tai's archaic ritual bronze collection at Sotheby's

On Mar 22, Sotheby's NY will auction "Informing the Eye of the Collector: Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art from J. T. Tai & Co." The collector was known for his extraordinary collection of Qing Imperial porcelain as seen in October 2010 with the record breaking Masterpieces of Qing Imperial Porcelain from J.T. Tai & Co. at Sotheby’s Hong Kong. However, he was also fascinated by early Chinese material culture, particularly archaic ritual bronzes and jades, many fine examples of which are included in this new sale.

Comprising around 600 pieces to be offered in approximately 330 lots, the sale embraces a wide range of works including archaic ritual bronzes and jades, painted and glazed pottery vessels, figures of the Han to Tang dynasties, and ceramic wares of the Song and later dynasties. A group of around 50 archaic bronzes ranging from $8,000 to $80,000 show the diversity of forms and functions characteristic of late Shang and early Western Zhou bronze casting.  The sale also includes a large and rich group of Song and Ming ceramics.