VIP Fair closes Sunday

The clear advantage of an actual art fair is that you can walk around, scan through with your eyes very quickly and stop and spend some time at what interests you. The VIP fair requires you to spend a lot more time, in some cases like gallery Limoncello you have to click and zoom on each single image to see them. There is a lot of double clicking. Still there are rewarding gems:

--Ever wonder how Cai Guo-Qiang actually does his Gunpowder Drawings. In the fair video gallery, Art21 has a short video showing the whole process with the artist and it’s really amazing.
--The video on the Yang Bin Collection is very interesting. What a collection! He certainly has a very keen eye. He has a storage system to display painting that will have many collectors drooling over.
As for actual sales, organizers had always said this wasn’t the main point of the exercise, still galleries that had paid to show their wares might still hope for some. So far, various press reports hint that there has been only few actual sales. James Cohan reportedly sold Fred Tomaselli‘s 2010 “Study for Night Music for Raptors” for $200,000, David Zwirner sold Chris Ofili‘s polished 2006 bronze “Mary Magdalene (Infinity)” for $375,000 to an American collector, Gallery Hyundai sold an Ai Wei Wei .