Must See - Art Hong Kong 2010

If you are not attending the fair, Why not? You really should. Now in its third year, Art HK has really arrived and it's the place to see and be seen).
The who's who of Asian collectors, as well as Asian artists are trotting around. In the space of two days, I've already bumped into many including Zeng Fanzhi (with a seven-person strong entourage), and Zhang Xiaogang (alone looking at some of his old pieces on Schoeni's walls), Dr Oei, a notable Indonesian collector and Kim Chang-il, one of the top Korean collectors, and that's only the people I recognize.
The fair has managed to attract some of the top, top art gallery names from around the world and they have brought many truly superb pieces. There is a buzz and energy, I have not seen for a long time.
There are a lot of well known artists, but also plenty of new ones, too. Beautiful installations and sculpture works, nicely break the spaces. The fair is a bit of a maze and you need flat shoes and several hours to comfortably have a good look.
All in all, HK now has a real world class fair (many collectors and gallery owners I talked to say this was the best one in a long time, including Basel). There were a few red dots right at the opening and one gallery is said to have sold 10 pieces within the first hour...