Auction - Interesting Western masterpieces in Hong Kong sale

Seoul Auction will be holding a sale in Hong Kong on April 5th of contemporary art, which include pieces by Robert Indiana, Marc Chagall and Ron Arad, along with Asian contemporary works by Zeng Fanzhi. It’s quite unusual to see Hong Kong auctions selling western masterpieces, a sign perhaps that Asian collectors are moving beyond their familiar territories. For the first time at auction there will be an Eight sculpture by Robert Indiana, a monumental red and violet aluminium sculpture, measuring over 1.8 meters in height. Another highlight is Le Bouquet by Marc Chagall, a piece that has never before appeared at auction.

Girl and Peaches by leading Chinese realist painter Wang Yidong, always a favourite, is likely to attract strong bidding interest. The peaches on the table symbolize the girl’s deliberation about marriage, which is a common theme employed by the artist.
I especially like the TV Cello by the late Korean artist Nam June Paik which also has never before appeared in the auction market. Paik is universally regarded as the “father of video art” and one of the most innovative artists of the 20th century with his video sculpture-cum-installations. In 1964, Paik began working with the classical cellist Charlotte Moorman. In his ground-breaking work TV Cello, the pair stacked television sets on top of each other, to form the shape of a cello. When Moorman drew her bow across the “cello”, images of both her playing, and video collages of other cellists playing, appeared on the TV screens.  The work on sale was created in 1994 as part of the cello series.