Ota Fine Arts to open at Gillman Barracks with Yayoi Kusama exhibition

After some delay, the first wave of art galleries will open at Gillman Barracks in September. First off the starting block on Sep 14 will be Ota Fine Arts with "YAYOI KUSAMA: METALLIC."

Kusama's major retrospective is currently held at the Whitney Museum of American Art until Sep 30 in New York, and of course there are her much-touted collaboration with Louis Vuitton evident in every LV boutique right now.

This new Ota exhibition will consist of her latest series of paintings - a style is far different from her usual.

Started in 2004, the series of "Love Forever" and the latest "My Eternal Soul", show new paintings with repetition of new motifs and images as if she is pulling away her old trademarks: Nets and Dots. In some works, images are melting into abstruct patterns, and in the others the artist is experimenting a colour Valeur, like vivid red and blue on metallic canvas. (see previous post on these works with photos in her studio)