Christie's NY to auction Indian & Southeast Asian Art Sep 13

A large gilt bronze figure of Buddha
Nepal, 14th Century

The afternoon of September 13 will be devoted to the classical works of Indian and Southeast Asian Art at Christie's NY auction. Several notable collections will be featured in the sale, including The Burkhart Collection, as well as Property from the Dr. David Nalin Collection, which has a large focus on stone and stucco sculpture from the Gandharan region.
One of the highlight of the sale will be a gilt bronze figure of Buddha (above, estimate: $400,000-600,000). Completed in the 14th century in Nepal, the figure is elegantly modeled in the refined Newari style.

A bronze figure of Chandeshvara
South India, Chola period, 12th Century

The sale presents The Burkhart Collection, a selection of more than 30 quality works from a notable collector. Hanspeter Burkhart, a successful Swiss lawyer by profession began collecting Tibetan art from the mid 1980s. His collection focuses on images of the female boddhisatva, Tara,s one of the most widely worshipped female figures of Buddhism.

Here above is a Chola bronze of Chandeshvara from the 12th century. The Shaiva saints are known as nayanmars or leaders, whose hymns form the sacred canon of South India. This 22 inch tall depiction of Chandeshvara stands with his hands clasped before him, truly personifying the Hindu notion of bhakti, the loving state of devotion.