Korean designer G.I.L.Homme brings "hope" to catwalk

Korean fashion designer Eun Gil of G.I.L. Homme, who dresses all the top A-List Korean male celebrities, presented a cohesive and storified A/W 2011 collection at Singapore Men's Fashion Week. Working on the theme of hope, which arise from the dark, he started his show with slim, dark black suits, closely cut to the body, evoking a dark, mysterious orient, before bringing on layers by laywer of brighter clothes. The layering reflecting the designer Korean heritage, as traditional Korean costumes are often layers. The designs had plenty of interesting details, such as belts coming in and out of jackets, cut-outs on the shoulders and sleeveless jacket seemingly layered over a coat (actually a trick on the eye, as only one piece). There were rich blue, bright orange and greens, oten paired with grey and white, and very rich fabric that hang well, yet with a lot of movement. Fashion forward, yet also perfectly weareable with a bit of aplomb. The label already has a strong presence in China, and hoping to make in-roads into this part of Asia. This strong collection will certainly help him achieve his goal.