News - Langham Place, Beijing opens its own art gallery

The Langham Place at Beijing airport will opened its own Art Gallery with an inaugural exhibition in Sep which will feature several Chinese artists: Chen Yu, one of the few established female artists in Beijing is known for her works of brightly coloured flowers with a lacquer type finish are in hot demand across Asia; Liu Zhonghua, whose dream-like images of dragons and paper airplanes are expressed in variety of mediums, including print, photography, animation and oil painting; Liu Aijing who incorporates her traditional Chinese painting training alongside elegant contemporary themes using a mix of rice paper, ink, watercolour and gold leaf; Hua Jiming, a performance artist who has moved on to contemporary Chinese pop art. Dong Yan will be another acclaimed young talent. Part of the post-1980s generation of artists, his bold canvases often feature an umbrella, representing the sheltered existence of today's youth in China. Sadly, no photo yet available.