Delia and Milenko Prvacki Present "Passage"

Sculptor Delia Prvacki and her husband, painter Milenko Prvacki, are presenting a joint exhibition, Passage, at the Luxe Art Museum that brings together seven of her large tactile glazed-ceramic sculpture installations and three of his abstract oil on canvas works.
The exhibition offers an opportunity to see the recent development in Delia’s visual language, starting with the 2005 Pieces from the Sea sculpture, a smaller installation of glazed seashells to her Silk Road installation, which was first presented at the A+A Gallery in Venice in 2007 and takes the viewers on a journey of evolving colors from the blue of Venice to the burned sands of the Gobi Desert.
The impressive 18 Hours is a poetically striking installation of 18 large ceramic works, with mosaic gradient of colors progressing from one board to the others that reflects the change of light throughout the day. The most recent installation Rare Earth, dated 2012, is a treasure-trove-like assembly of glazed ceramic pieces and gold accents installed on a circular shaped mount and alludes to old mining techniques.
Accompanying Delia’s works are three abstract paintings by Milenko two of which have been conceived as bookends to his wife’s sculptures, with Entrance and Exit.
Passage runs at Luxe Art Museum on Handy Road until Jun 15