Spotlight on Lebanon at ME.NA.SA. Fair

Spotlight on Lebanon at ME.NA.SA. Fair
Marwan Sahmarani, Crime and Punishment, 2014, oil on canvas
The upcoming inaugural Singapore Art Fair is covering works from the Middle East, North Africa, and South & Southeast Asia — hence its co-branding as ME.NA.SA.ART, and part of the fair will put the spotlight on contemporary art from Lebanon, with a pavilion curated by Janine Maamari.
Arranged around the theme "Contemporary Lebanon: art beyond violence," the pavilion will bring together the works of 10 emerging and established artists: Laudi Abilama, Mohamad Said Baalbaaki, Tagreed Darghout, Najla El Zein Omar Fakhoury, Bassam Geitani Dima Haajjar Marwan Sahmarani, Nadia Safieddine, Hiba Kalache, and Alfred Tarazi.
Most of the works have been exhibited previously at the Beirut Exhibition Center or the Barjeel Art Foundation.
Maamari said the works will showcase the heritage and upheavals of the country’s history, along with the vibrant creativity across different mediums.
"The connection between the work of these artists, young and old, is the expression of deep concern for the present and a strong sense of belonging to their country and its future. Only museum quality works has guided my choice," Maamari said
The fair will run at Suntec Convention Centre Nov 27-30.
Alfred Tarazi, A Nation’s Inflation, 2010, mixed media