Marvin Chew Eats, Drinks and Paints in Singapore

Singaporeans can be obsessed with food, so for his second solo exhibition, watercolorist Marvin Chew has tackled a much beloved pillar of Singaporean society, the food culture of food courts, hawker stalls, and markets.

Now showing at Utterly Art until March 2, “Eat, Drink and Paint” serves everyday scenes of the ‘makan’ culture, from the Bedok South Wet Market and the Kopi-O Siew Tai in Chinatown Food Complex to the famed Tian Tian Hainanese Chicken Rice of Maxwell Food Centre.

Born in Kuching, Malaysia, in 1975, Chew is now a permanent resident in Singapore and paints fulltime. He is currently the vice president of the Singapore Watercolor Society. The current colorful series offers a glimpse of a culture that is starting to unfortunately disappear as most young Singaporeans shun work in these settings.

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