Charles and Ray Eames Designs Coming to ArtScience Museum

Charles and Bernice “Ray” Eames were two of the most celebrated designers of the 20th century. They not only created timeless furniture and pioneered the use of new materials such as fiberglass, plastic resin, and wire mesh that revolutionized the way we view furniture design, but they also offered a distinctive voice on architecture, industrial and graphic design, and fine art.
“Essential Eames: A Herman Miller Exhibition,” to open at the ArtScience Museum, Singapore on June 29, is based on the book by their grandson Eames Demetrinos, and retraces the life and work of the husband and wife team through more than 100 pieces of furniture, rare works and images from the Eames family collection, the Eames Office, and the archives of Herman Miller, the manufacturer of Eames products.
As well as original furniture designed by the couple, such as a special chair designed for Pope John Paul II and their signature fibreglass Eames shell chairs, the exhibition will include paintings by Ray Eames and the couple’s best known toy design, the House of Cards — a series of notched cards with a variety of images that can be joined together to build different structures.
It will also include a reconstruction of part of the “Mathematica” exhibition, which was first designed by the American designers in 1961 for the California Museum of Science and Industry. To this day, the exhibition remains viewed as one of the best of its kind for being able to explain complex mathematical concepts through simple forms
To see some of the design that will be on display, click on the slideshow. 
First published on SEA.ARTINFO.COM