Singapore Icons Inspire Japanese Ceramic Ware Collection

What are the most recognizable icons for Singapore? 

Many people might think of the national flower or the Merlion, a mythical half lion half fish statue, both of which are heavily promoted by the Singapore Tourism Board, but when five designs studios were asked this question they included a couple of surprising answers to their list. The chosen icons have now been used in a new collection of ceramic ware for the Singapore Icons Studio Project, a collaboration between Singaporean retail gallery Supermama and Kihara Inc, a Japanese ceramic company.

The limited edition sets comprise a plate, a saucer, and a chopstick holder.

Designer Chang Shian Wei took inspiration from photographic images of HDB tower blocks, which provide homes to more than 80 percent of the Singapore population; Designere chose the majestic tembusu tree with its distinctive sweeping low boughs, while Quiet Studio offers a Dancing Joaquim, and Relay Room chose to depict the construction crane.

Finally, Ampulets chose the lightning bolt, in reference to the constant storms the island faces as well as a symbol of Singapore's rapid development and the political ruling party’s iconic logo.

The Singapore Icons Studio Project ceramic collection is available from and Supermama, 8 Queen Street, Singapore Art Museum.