Tiffany Chung @ Tyler Rollins Fine Art, NY

Tiffany Chung returns to Tyler Rollins Fine Art in New York for her third solo show. The Vietnamese artist's TOMORROW ISN’T HERE, is part of a new series of multimedia works called The Gal├ípagos Project, which explores deindustrialization, demographic changes, global economic crises, natural disasters and human destruction. The exhibition, runnin Sep 6-Oct 20, comprises a series of embroidered climate charts, works on paper, a sculptural installation, and video works.

The exhibition references the Great Plains and Dust Bowl of the 1930s to epitomize the decline of an extensive flatland region due to natural disaster and human destruction. With the misuse of land, inappropriate agricultural practices, and extreme climate impact, the severe dust storms of the 1930s destroyed 25 million hectares of land and caused hundreds of thousands of people in the Great Plains to migrate West during the Great Depression.