My Gillman Barrack's Picks

Gillman Barracks finally opened last Friday with a big party that attracted a crowd of Southeast Asian artists and collectors who had made the trip to see what all the brouhaha was about. With 13 galleries opening their doors on the same night, there was certainly plenty to see, and flat shoes were a requirement to cover the rather spread out new art hub. Some galleries decided to showcase the wide variety of artists they represent giving viewers a -- sometimes too diffuse -- taster of things to come, while others dived in with solo exhibitions or shows arranged around more tightly curated themes. 

To see my top picks go to  ARTINFO

POPO at Michael Jassen

Ricky 'babay' Janitra at Michael Janssen

Donna Ong' witty installation for those too tired to walk around

An unusual thick painted Rodin by Hyung Khoo Kang at Mizuma Gallery

Yayoi Kusama at Ota Fine Arts

  1. Indiguerilla's fun lampshade installation

At Mizuma Gallery

Loved Michael Janssen's intallation

Vertical Submarine never fails to bring a smile!

Zhang Enli pausing in front of his works.