He Jian @ Richard Koh Fine Art, KL

Chinese artist He Jian has opened his first solo exhibition in Kuala Lumpur. “The Eternal Wave” pays homage to the radio as a cultural object witness of its time that is increasingly relegated to the past as the use of the Internet and smartphone rises, particularly in China.

In this exhibition, He Jian transforms the humble receiver of the 1940s-1950s into a near abstraction alluding to its already distant past.

The artist still vividly remembers hearing as a child the static sounds the radio would make before capturing a broadcasting frequency and his stylistics approach, using pigments and ink on bark paper, is informed by this nostalgia of a bygone area. By strategically layering and manipulating his paints, he gives his work a timeworn aspect reminiscent of Yuan Dynasty frescoes at the Yong Le Temple in Shanxi Province, a style he has sought to emulate throughout his career.

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