Korean Eye 2012 @ Saatchi, London

Sungsoo koo, From the series Magical reality tour bus, 2005                                                                 

Korean Eye 2012, a major survey of Korean contemporary, will open at Saatchi Gallery in London on July 27.

Korean artists have largely remained under the radar of international collectors, overshadowed by the fandom created around several Chinese contemporary artists, yet the Korean contemporary art scene is rich and vibrant, with artists exploring a wide range of issues, from everyday life to pop culture and virtual reality, through a variety of innovative media..

The exhibition highlights an exciting group of artists who have recently emerged on the global art scene and demonstrated the very diverse range of influences enveloping them.from fluency with technology and incredible attention to design and detail, to more historic factors, such as western classical art and Korea’s many years of occupation by foreign powers.

This is the first time the Saatchi Gallery has helped curate an exhibition of this scale from work outside its own collection, selecting the final 33 artists.
AHN, Chulhyun
AHN, Doojin
BAE, Joonsung
BAHK, Seon Ghi
CHAE, Mi Hyun
CHO, Duck Hyun
CHOE, Uram
CHOI, Chongwoon
HAN, Debbie
HONG, Seung Hee
HONG, Soo Yeon
HONG, Sung Chul
JE, Baak
JUNG, Seung
KANG, Hyung Koo
KIM, Byoungho
KIM, Dong Yoon
KIM, Hyuen Jun
LEE, Gilwoo
LEE, Jaehyo
LEE, Ji Yen
LEE, Jonggeon
LEE, Kwang Ho
LEE, Moonjoo
MOON, Beom
OH, Jeong Il
SHIN, Meekyoung
SIM, Seung-Wook
YEE, Sookyung
YOU, Myung Gyun

I will post more photos as I get them..