Graffiti artist Trase does mural on OCBC bank branch

OCBC Bank has engaged Singaporean Graffiti Artist, Trase (also known as Tr853-1) to complete a mural wall n its Sixth Avenue branch. The result brings a smile as usual and uses his usual trademark tagger character (his own image). The bank has also indicated there are plans to refresh the wall to showcase different art pieces by local artists.

This is not the first time, corporate have "engaged" graffiti artists to spread their message. Most recently, Hermes asked a well-known French graffiti artist to "decorate" the boards on one of its boutiques on Orchard Road.

But not all graffitis are welcomed in Singapore. A young graffiti artist, SKLO, has just been arrested by Police for putting up "My Grandfather Road" graffiti signs and humorous stickers in public spaces (which some could view more as artistic "interventions" than defacing of public property). But graffiti is only allowed in Singapore in especially designated public area and the 25-year-old woman could be looking at a jail term of up to 3 years.