The Art of Dress @ Espace Louis Vuitton Singapore

“The Art of Dress” presents intriguing works by two contemporary Hong Kong Chinese artists, Movana Chen and Man Fung Yi, who use the idea of clothing as a metaphor to convey their ideas.

Movana Chen

Chen creates "fabrics" using shredded paper from books and magazines given to her by friends or strangers, which she then "knits" into forms and paintings. By doing so she explores how our lives are all intertwined. From far away, I thought the knitted paper recalls Singaporean artist Jane Lee's liquid paintings.

Movana Chen

Man presents metal sculptures derived from the form of actual garments worn by herself or her family. Her sculptures of open network of metal wires recall the memory of things past that she once treasured, such as the Chinese dresses of her siblings (see below). Here, yet no longer there, they are almost ghost forms of what once was. One of the interesting aspects of her use of metal wires are the shadows those create on the wall that reinforce this fleeting presence feeling.

Man Fung Yi

Man Fung Yi with a sculpture of her son's baby cloth