Vasan Sitthiket @ Thavibu Gallery

The enfant terrible of the Thai contemporary art scene, Vasan Sitthiket, has just opened Hypocrisy at the Thavibu Gallery, an exhibition that features a series of paintings as well as an installation of Thai amulets (palad khik), carved from wood recovered from the 2011 floods, which are in the form of phalli. In this exhibition, he explores 'hypocrisy' and its many facets, in particular with reference to the conflict in the Middle East.

At 55, Vasan Sitthiket is well known for his rather up in your face and often crude political and social commentaries. An anarchist at heart, the artist believes man is merely a hypocrite. He is weak, fearful, selfish, and evil by nature. It is these traits that make man lacks in conscience, which in turn causes him to seek survival on a day to day basis through the ruthless acquisition of power and through language that intends to mislead and hide his truest ill intentions.