Famed "Drops of God" wine domaine coming to Singapore

“The Drops of God” (Kami no Shizuku) is a famed Japanese manga comic series (and now TV series) about wines which first appeared in Japan in 2004. Its impact on wine sales in Japan was phenomenal and a few years ago, it also catapulted the little known 2003 vintage of Château le Puy into oenological stardom when it was featured as the greatest wine of all in its pages.

The plot of the manga follows an estranged son who is pitted against his adopted brother, a talented sommelier, in solving a series of enigmas that describe 12 wines that his father, a famous Japanese wine critic, considered to be the equivalent of Jesus Christ’s Disciples. The first son to find the “Disciples,” along with a 13th wine, which the father calls the “Drops of God,” will inherit an extraordinary collection of fine wines. That 13th wine was Chateau Le Puy 2003.

Singapore wine lovers may not be able to taste this 2003 cru, but they will have the opportunity to
discover this week the other wines from the now world-famous domaine.

On May 26, there will be a Vintner dinner at the Grand Hyatt Hotel with Château Le Puy Vintage Emilien 2009, 1990, 1970, Marie‐Cécile 2010 & 2009 and Barthélemy 2001, and on May 27, another diner at Guy Savoy Restaurant at MBS (with celebrity chef Guy Savoy in the kitchen). Guests will be treated to a once in a lifetime experience as they will get to sample nine vintages of the Château Le Puy, some of which date back to 1944!

The 400-year old domaine may share the same rocky plateau as Saint-Émilion and Pomerol, but it has never been a Bordeaux Grand Cru Classé wine. However the French Administration of AOC, INAO - is now considering granting Chateau Le Puy with its own appelation AOC Le Puy which will
make Chateau Le Puy the only Bordeaux wine to have its own AOC.

American publisher Vertical Inc started publishing the series under the title "The Drops of God" on September 2011 release, becoming an immediate New York Times bestseller.