Shinji Ohmaki @ Hermes,Third Floor, Singapore

Come April 20, the top floor of Hermes boutique on Orchard Road will be transformed into a kaleidoscope of flora motifs in bright colour pigments, recalling the patterns of Japanese kimonos.

“Moment and Eternity” is a new installation exhibition by Japanese artist Shinjit Ohmaki, which will run until Jun 3

Its metamorphosis revolves around the footpaths of visitors distorting the pigmented colour surface to create new, unexpected forms. Juxtaposing the transformative floor piece is a fixed wall mural illustrating the chromatic flora pattern in its original state.

Beyond its purely material exhilaration, “Moment and Eternity” offers an interesting experience for audiences to engage in the effects of time in a work of art.

“Moment and Eternity” also reimagines ways of experiencing art, transporting viewers from standing
in front of a picture to being in it. Ohmaki utilises the evocative powers of colour and repetitive form
to immerse viewers into its composition and induce an otherworldly sense of stepping into a dreamy,
colour field where viewers experience the subtle shifts and nuances of touch and hue in their

 Ohmaki’s fascination with the evocative powers of colour, form and space is ultimately connected to
formal aesthetic structures and functions of Japanese architecture and Zen gardens as spaces for
meditation and contemplation.