Cai Zhinsong @ Ode To Art, MBS Singapore

Internationally-acclaimed Chinese artist Cai Zhisong has a solo exhibition, 'Timeless Heritage,' at Ode To Art Gallery in Marina Bay Sands.Cai Zhisong is known for being the first Chinese artist to win the prestigious Taylor prize at the Paris Autumn Salon in Eiffel-Branly and was also one of the five selected artists to represent the Chinese Pavilion at the Venice Biennale 2011.

The artists made his name with his Motherland sculptures. which found their inspiration from the sculptures of the Qin (221-206 B.C.) and Han Dynasties (206/202 B.C. - 220). Taking empirical figures, servants and warriors as his models, he uses modern techniques and materials such as fibreglass, bronze and copper plates to transform historically endowed entities giving them a new significance and actuality.

The sculptures expresses his fascination with ancient Chinese culture and try to address the issue of cultural erosion in the face of  increasing globalization. To counteract this development, his artwork attempts to establish an indigenous form of contemporary art.

Cai Zhisong's Motherland series consists of several over-life-sized sculptures of nude male figures. often in subservient  pases as if the figure mounr the loss of history and cultural identity of the present age.

Although derived from ancient sources, the expressive poses do not possess much in common with the static, solemn sculpture-works of former periods of Chinese art. Carefully balanced between movement and stillness they create a tension, which engages the viewer's imagination.

The artist uses thin sheets of metal applied to a skeleton of reinforced glass-fiber resin, sometimes overlaying the metal sheets further with other materials, which give his works a distinctive patchwork pattern style.

Cai Zhisong's most recent creation entitled "Cloud" was on display at the entrance of the Chinese Pavilion, 54th Venice Biennale 2011. This piece automatically rises and falls according to temperatures, sunshine and other weather variations