Zao Wou-ki again top lot of Christie's day sale of Asian 20th century art

Christie's day sale of Asian 20th Century and Contemporary Art raised $39.4 million, with 76% of the lot sold but 90% by value. Zao Wou-ki was again the top lot of the sale, firmly establishing himself as the leading modern Chinese artist at auction right now, with 21.10.66 selling for $1.66 million. The second top lot was Zu Jiang's Twelve View of a Sunflower Field XII selling for $1.44 million and then Zeng Fanzhi's Mao+Calling at $1.157 million, Contemporary works that were fresh to the market and well-estimated did particularly well

Zao's 21.10.66

Zeng Fanzhi's Mao+Calling

Zu Jiang's sunflower

For the first time, Christie's had incorporate Southeast Asian modern and contemporary artists as part of their Asia sale.

The old "valeur sure" like S Sudjojono, Hendra Gunawan and Affandi performed extremely well (although one Affandi crashed unsold).

S. Sudjojono's Historic Meeting sold for $327,000

S. Sudjojono's Ngaso sold for $497,000

Hendra Gunawan - Bathing by the River - $466,000

Lin Fengmian's Opera Series - $466,000

Affandi's Crab and Melon - $435,000
Amongst Southeast Asian contemporary artists, Rudi Mantofani was the breakaway hit, scoring the top lot for southeast Asia with The Corner of the Earth #3 selling for $219,000. I Nyoman Masriadi's Fresh Money sold within its estimate for $188,000 and Ronald Ventura's Spellbound sold above estimate at $76,000.

Rudi Mantofani
Masriadi's Fresh Money
Ronald Ventura's Spellbound