Street Art @ Opera Gallery, Singapore

SEEN - The Mighty Thor
Opera Gallery is opening "New Wave," a new exhibition showcasing 3 celebrated street artists - Richard Mirando "Seen," Charles Munka and CEET, in a group show together for the first time in Singapore. This is a slight departure for the gallery, better known for showcasing grand masters like Chagall and Picasso, as well as established contemporary artists like Britto and Marc Quinn.

“New Wave” regroups all the artistic forms which originally took place in the street, or in public areas, and encompasses diverse artistic techniques; from graffiti and stencil to stickers and pen. The inspiration for these artists is as diverse as their techniques, encompassing comic strips, music, video games and everyday day life ironies they are confronted with.

While Street Art is traditional associated with illegal processes and techniques, it has made a move in recent years into art galleries as artists have raised the once illegal underground movement into a new art genre in its own right.

Born in 1961 in The Bronx, Richard Mirando “SEEN” is commonly referred to as the “Godfather” of graffiti. The first contributing steps to his legendary status started when he began painting on New York city’s subways, resulting in great exposure where his works were visibly prominent around the city.

Using a wide array of mediums on which to produce his works, SEEN has created art on whole cars and dabbled in graphic designs in fashion, even subsequently progressing to master the intricate artistry of body tattooing, contributing to one of the largest and most popular body art parlours in New York city.

Munka - Imperator

The French Charles Munka “QUES”  has spent much of his adult life in Asia and likes to call his work a type of mind map. He is known for his ability to seamlessly blend traditional aspects of graffiti along with his identification of contemporary and historical imagery from film, video games, ancient symbols and pop references. Munka’s style is strongly influenced by hip-hop and the progressive L.A. beat scene. Using mixed media, his work captures a new style of art.

CEET - La Ruche

Born in 1971 in Algeria, Ceet grew up in France and has since grown to consider Toulouse as his hometown. The artist is considered to be one of the leading figures of the French Graff movement. His style stems from a desire to portray poignant fractions of time in his life. Although each individual creation appears to be independent events, Ceet appears to have an unconscious ability to narrate a seamless journey of his personal universe. Ceet’s works have also appeared in international advertising campaigns of Prada and Adidas.