Pop goes the art at the Affordable Art Fair in Singapore

Andre Tan

The Affordable Art Fair in Singapore has just opened and will be running until Sunday. There is plenty to chose from with nearly 80 gallereries offering works by 700 artists and with a Children Art Studio at the back running workshops for children, there is even something to keep the kids occupied while you go and shop! 

There is the Good, the Bad and the Ugly, but then again beauty is in the "art' of the beholder. One great point for would-be collectors, there are plenty of nice, inexpansive works to start decorating your walls, and whether you like Pop Art, Realism or Abstract, there is a little something for you, as the fair's offering is extremely varied. For experienced collectors, they will be surprised how very little Chinese art works there are around (though there are some)-- obviously many Chinese artists have stopped to be "affordable" - any work at the fair has to be under $10,000 so most of the Chinese works you will see are either small sculptures or prints.

Leeroy New

Fair visitors are greeted by a fun installation of Filipino artist Leeroy New (not for sale) and as you step in, you may have a bit of a groundhog day feeling if you had been to the fair last year. Singaporean gallery Utterly Art has still pride of place at the entrance and has put art by the same artist, the ever witty Singaporean graffiti artist TraseOne.



Utterly Art has always had a good knack at picking up young promissing artists that are still affordable and then move on. They had a show of Rodel Tapaya, who just won the APB prize. This time, they're giving big space to another promising local artist Andre Tan, who's on the right path with his Pop Art take on old Singapore colliding with new Singapore. I was really taken by his bright, witty canvaswa , which are priced around $4,000.

Andre Tan - This one was already sold at Press preview

There are also plenty of Murakami prints around and Damien Hirst's.

Much much more to see.. Go and find out for yourself!