Southeast Asian masters @ ION Art gallery

Lee Man Fong - Satay seller 1960s

Galerie Belvedere will present Oct 5-10 the “Grand Masters of Art Exhibition” at the ION Art Gallery, featuring important paintings by Singapore’s first-generation artists - Lee Man Fong, Chen Wen Hsi, Cheong Soo Pieng - along with works by abstract expressionist artist Wong Keen, now based in New York, and watercolor maestro Ong King Sen.

Wong Keen - Waiting for September, 2011

There will also be works by Adrien Jean Le Mayeur (1880 - 1958) and Antonio Blanco (1927-1999), two European painters famed for their portrayal of a paradisiac Bali.

My favorite work is a study drawing on paper by Chen Wen Hsi of parrots.