Sotheby’s London to host Chinese Archaic Bronzes exhibition from Nov 6-9

Sotheby’s London will present Nov 6-9 “Fine Chinese Archaic Bronzes from Compton Verney,” an exhibition of feature rare works from one of the most important private museum collections of Chinese archaic bronzes in the U.K

Archaic Bronze Ewer and Cover, He Late Western Zhou Dynasty

Compton Verney, set in historic parkland in the South Midlands county of Warwickshire, is considered to have one of the top three collections of Chinese archaic bronze in Europe. Meticulously curated, the Sotheby’s exhibition will feature 12 remarkable archaic bronzes dating from the Shang (1600-1100 BC) to the Zhou (1100-256 BC) dynasties, a period of over 1,000 years.

Archaic Bronze Vessel and Cover, Lei

Archaic Bronze Vessel, Gui

Archaic Bronze Vessel and Cover, You

Teng Hu Gui Archaic Bronze Vessel, Gui