Lampu Kansanoh @ Valentine Willie Fine Art, Singapore

Rising Thai artist Lampu Kansanoh presents her first solo at VWFA Singapore Love Untitled. The young female artist has quickly risen to the fore in recent years with her strong portraiture of daily life in Thailand. Her caricature-like style is full of humor that often hides more serious concerns.

nformed by a cultural and spiritual sensibility rooted within Buddhist thought, her new show Love Untitled embraces the emotional devotion and psychological connection that love evokes. Kansanoh selects scenes from her own life as well as those around her of momentary and profound love. Whether families on holiday or those mourning the illness of a loved one or simply the pleasure of dogs enthusiastically greeting a visitor at the house, each scene evokes the depth of love in both adversity and happiness.

Kansanoh’s signature style focuses on the depiction of the human form through fleshy, sweeping brushstrokes, with her subject sporting enlargened heads, distorted facial features which amplify human expression.