Gustavo Lins' latest Haute Couture collection inspired by Singapore

Local couture buyer Dr. Georgia Lee opened the show

The Paris-based Brazilian Grand Couturier Gustavo Lins unveiled at the Haute Couture Week in Singapore a new collection which had been inspired by his visit to the country in September.

From the window of his suite at MBS he had an incredible view of the new Marina Bay which reminded him of a couture dress, and he used a shining yellow throughout the collection to recall the glowing landscape.


He constructed his designs out of fabric offcuts, reorganizing them into a mosaic and tapering them in the bias. As per usual for the designer, the shirts, jackets, dresses and coats were all cut directly from the fabric, without prior sketches or pattern. The long, flowing dresses had titled geometry, drapery were clasped and raised by leather thongs, and diagonal seams followed the weave of the fabric to it fully felt on the bias. It was overall a very wearable collection.


Some of the pieces in his man collection gave an interesting new Asian twist to a contemporary wardrobe. Silhouettes were hugging the body without constricting it, simplicity and practically were the by-words. I especially liked this uber-elegant Obi waistcoat with worn with black knit trousers and a black t-shirt.