Cartier Time Art set to open at MBS's ArtScience Museum Dec 14

Mystery clock
 From December 14, the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands will present “Cartier Time Art”, a travelling exhibition (now in Zurich) that will take visitors on a journey to the heart of Cartier watchmaking. The 158 timepieces to be presented at the museum will range from an array of vintage Cartier pocket watches and clocks to present day wristwatches.

Pocket watch with minute-repeater - 1927

Throughout the ages, Cartier's creations have successfully mixed ingenuity with aesthetic and technical innovation, and visitors will be able to discover the rich language of shapes, designs, and complications apparent in these objects emphasizing Cartier’s high level of expertise.

Santos wristwatch Cartier Paris, 1916

Tortue wristwatch with minute-repeater Cartier Paris, 1928