Yang Fudong @ Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art, London

Yang Fudong, Ye Jiang (The night man cometh), 2011

Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art is dedicating a new major solo show to Chinese artist and film maker Yang Fudong this September . Yang Fudong is regarded as one of the most important artists to emerge in contemporary China. In this exhibition he presents three works: Fight Night, 2010: One half of August, 2001 and Yejing (the night man cometh), 2011

Fifth Night is a video-installation composed of seven synchronized projections. The shots are supposed to feature the streets of Shanghai’s old town at night. In the middle of the scene with carriages, rickshaws and vintage cars, a stage has been built and a tramway is being frantically repaired. Unrelated characters appear, hesitating men and women attend to their own activities without interaction. The artist uses seven 35 mm cameras which film the same scene from different angles, demonstrating a variation of scale and depths of field. Yang Fudong refers to this new technique as

“multiple view film”, which emphasises the character’s subtle expressions and simplest actions. What the viewer could perceive as separate instances, are actually simultaneously tied together into one scene, expanding and multiplying the spectator’s usual vision and perception. As with most of Yang Fudong’s works, here again the work is open-ended.

In the first floor gallery is the world premiere of two other works: One half of August is an eight-screen, black-and-white, HD video installation in which Yang Fudong aims to create distortion and a change of reality in some of his selected video works by projecting them onto various structures and objects.

Yejiang (The night man cometh), a 35-mm film transferred to HD video, is a single-screen work that trails a palace guard on his nightly rounds. In a snow-covered landscape, the guard is confronted by a fierce battlefield in which he too must fight for survival.

Yang Fudong, Ye Jiang (The night man cometh), 2011

Yang Fudong: Fifth Night, 2010